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The conservation and restoration of cultural heritage focuses on protection and care of tangible cultural heritage, including artworksarchitecturearchaeology, and museum and private collections. It involves protection and restoration using any methods that prove effective in keeping that property in as close to its original condition as possible for as long as possible. Fine Art Restoration requires veriety of modern methods of research. They include imaging services for instance high-resolution digital photography, infrared and ultraviolet photography as well as X-Ray imaging and HRMS (high resolution mass spectrometry), paint sample and material analysis. 

White Brush Strokes


We examine each work of art closely and tailor our methodologies to meet both the needs of the painting and client



 The first step in the process is for GurinBrothers Fine Art Restoration to view the artworks preferably in the studio with the clients present. If that's not possible photos can be emailed or uploaded. If circumstances demand, an on-site consultation can be scheduled. There is never a fee for an in-studio consultation, examination, or proposal.



Once received a full examination of the artworks will be performed. This will include assessing the condition of the artworks and examening of the materials that will guide the conservation process. Establisihing a comprehensive understanding of each artwork is necessary as no two are the same and all techniques and materials are tailored to the artwork.



Once the examination is complete a conservation proposal will be assembled and sent to the client. The proposal will outline all the conservation and restoration processes to be completed to address any issues that may be found during the examination.



Pending review and approval of the proposal work will begin. Some artworks may be completed in as little as one week while others may require several weeks due to the complex nature of the conservation issues at play. Specific time lines and completion dates can be accommodated if so required.

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